Monday, 3 December 2012

Trip Back To The South Shore and Demo

I KNOW! An update in less than a month never mind two - can you stand it?  Tho - this means I'm setting the bar higher and thus have to live up to these self-imposed standards. *holds head with hands*

So, I'd mentioned on FB a couple of months ago that I took a trip down memory lane by bringing Aislinn to where I grew up in the south shore and up to Mont St. Hilaire for a hike.  Surprisingly, I didn't run home screaming to a therapist.  Or getting absolutely sh!tfaced.  Progress I think.

Aislinn LOVED Mont St. Hiliare and I quote "Mommy - can we come back in the winter, the spring and the summer?"  Not sure if it was the hike or staying in the motel with the purple toilet and tub......

When I was a kid in elementary school, we always had a couple of class trips a year to hike on the mountain up to the lake, look for wild flowers and birds.  It was awesome and I loved it even more bringing my girl there.  It's owned by McGill and worth taking a trip too if  you haven't.  The surrounding area at the base of the mountain is quaint with apple orchards and artisans.  Hope to get to explore more as it was chilly, damp and misty when we went at the end of September.

Didn't deter us from going for the walk through. Excuse the less than stellar quality of the following photos - Blackberrys just don't capture the colours that well.

What hike wouldn't be complete without a picture of a chippy I ask you? 

So we'll see when we'll make it back in the winter.  Stay tuned.

Onto the scintillating subject of my kitchen demo.  I know you're waiting with bated breath - 

My parents (God love them - seriously.  I wouldn't be able to do this sh!t without them - very hard to reno by yourself) came over Saturday afternoon to help with the final phase of the demo.  My stepdad (we'll just refer to him as "Dad" from hereon in cause truthfully - it's the handle he deserves. Respect y'all) really ripped out the sink and base cabinet on his own with very little help from Mom and I.  We removed nails and pitched the stuff out of the kitchen window into the yard behind my garage.

My parents have REALLY gotten into the redneck sport of pitching demo waste out of your kitchen window.  Gotta confess - I love it too.  But I really love it when we haul that eyesore to the dump. 

Ah yes - the dump.  Another country pastime that can't be missed.......*rolls eyes*  I always want to stick a hot poker in my eye and drop a Valium when I think of what I've contributed to land fill.  That and I pray the ex's tire (he has a trailer and was kind enough to bring me and my junk) doesn't get nailed by a nail (see what I did there - clever no?). The load only cost us $ 5 but a new tire would've been stupid.

Photographic evidence of my nekkid kitchen - look at that poor lonely dishwasher - just pitiful.

Notice my sexy shop-vac?  Love it! 

But it wasn't all demo - nope - built the cabinet for the sink.

K - chippy made another appearance.  Cheeky bugger.  Anyhoo, there's some building going on people!  Too bad it wasn't exactly as it needed to be for the farmhouse sink..... Was lying thinking about that at about 4:30 Saturday morning and tackled it Sunday.  No photo yet.

More to come gang - pushing to have most of the kitchen done by Christmas.  Giddy up and peace out till next update.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Fall, Halloween and Kitchen Demo Continued

Howda y'all - it's the bi-monthly update *rolls eyes* moving on.......

Fall was gorgeous this year as the below views can attest from the enclosed sunporch off my room (yes, I'm that lucky)

Now, had I been smart and taken it with my camera instead of my BB, you would have seen the phenomal glowing gold of the leaves - instead it's kind of blah but use your imagination. 

It's a good thing I took these photos because a few short days later - I had a nekkid tree in my front yard.  Apparently that the ONLY thing getting nekkid on my premises lately.......

But I digress (again).......

Aislinn decided to be a Vampire Queen - natch.  Why would she simply be a vampire? Go big or go home little girl - thank goodness she's learning young.  Here she is in all her vampy glory.

Her missing top 2 front teeth with her pointy little canines were perfect.  She rocked  it.

And be still your beating hearts my friends, sit down -as the title states - kitchen demo has continued.  I know, I know - it only took my sorry a$$ 8 months to do it but hey, who's counting?

My parents (god love them) came over Saturday to help me demolish the majority of the rest of the kitchen from what Rhonda and I started in March.  Only one base cabinet to go then we can start the rebuild.  Thank gawd - I want this thing done before Christmas. I have the new cabinets in my back room fer @#$%^&  sakes - they have been since February. 

Here's how it looks now

Pretty ghetto but still a vast improvement over the previous incarnation.  A few gory details - my stepdad found a bigass mouse nest in the bottom of my pantry (underneath panty bottom) ew ; I had 2 mouse skeletons came flying down at me from the ceiling tiles I was removing (surprised my lunch didn't follow suit) and last but not least, you haven't lived until you are nearly pinned in the head with a mummified mouse carcass.  Yummy.

I'll close out the update with pics of the boys just cause they're cute.  Peace out.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Blog Anniversaire

Wow - can't believe it's almost been a year since I started this blog.  Time flies when you're having fun apparently.  Happy birthday little blog!

Let bring you up todate on the excitement that is my life is Spencervegas - shall we?

House stuff - had bats in mi casa this summer - not cool at all.  So, spent a week's salary having it bat-proofed on the exterior.  My house looks ghetto what with plastic taped across big holes in the ceiling and walls from last year's electrical work and screening over vents, etc.  Yes, I'm waiting for Style at Home to come knocking any day now.......  Still had a couple of the little f*ckers in here so called my boy Keith to get the little b@st@rds out.  Knock on wood - seem to be bat free. 

Ah the drama and excitement of single motherhood in the country.  Can you stand it?  You know you so want to be living my life.

Next, had a couple of local fellas in to give me quote for tearing out said ghetto ceilings on the ground floor to replace with more presentable drywall and wall up the ductwork to upstairs. Waiting to hear back on that.  No one wants to take my money?!

Moving onto the really good stuff - I finally bought my Harley. Yes, you read right interwebs, I bought my damn Harley. Only took 20 years but I got'er done! I'd like to introduce you to Eddie - my 2004 Sportster. I look like crap in the pic but it's a great profile shot of Eddie. Eddie as in Vedder - my Pearl Jam crush. How many girls can say "I'm going to take Eddie for a ride!" Sure as hell wasn't giving my bike a gals name.

Can't wait to bring him home!  I had butterflies in my tummy and folks, can't say that about any men lately so I'm going with it.  It's all about my little girl, the house and Eddie.  Giddy up.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hellloooooo - is anyone out there? I'm baaaacckk

Hola mi amigas and amigos!  It's been 2 months so I figured I'd update y'all.

Still haven't downloaded the pics from Disney - I know, lame. <shrugs shoulders>.  Had a fantastic time, Aislinn loved it and met every princess except for Jasmine because of a 3 hour wait. Not.  She's ready for me to take her to France now - yes, you read right - princess wants to go to France.  I told her in 10 years 'cause that's how long it's going to take me to save up.

Dating - well, taking a short break because I have yet to meet anyone who is actually honest and straight up.  Not going to say anymore on the subject because apparently I have a ninja soapbox that appears out of no where and I don't want to turn this into a rant about single male a$$holes. 'k? Cool.  Moving on......

So, a couple of weeks ago the chain came of the inside of my ceiling light in the kitchen (cue dramatic music) - couldn't be fixed without tearing said light fixture apart and frankly, not putting the effort into it - know what I'm sayin'?  Figured it's the Reno gods telling me to get off my a$$ and finish the damn kitchen already. Said dating break will be good time for this fun.

Aislinn will be with her dad for 2 weeks starting Sunday so the plan is haul a$$ and get as much done as possible with help of my awesome 'rents (huge shout out to Mom and Garth).  My next step is prepare the construction schedule and get confirmation and buy-in.  I'm actually psyched about getting it done as I'd lost momentum and the excitement. 

Excited the following projects too - bathroom, closet then Aislinn's room and so on and so on.  Let's put it this way - from the front of my property to the back of my property and everything in between needs to be worked on.  I will never ever ever be bored again.........  I will also be broke but that's another subject. 

Scored a free (Gawd I love that word1) pine console and mirror today.  Whoop whoop.  I'm going to paint it and put it in my foyer on the wall facing the bottom of the stairs. 

BTW - I am selling my fab retro 50's waterfall front bedroom set - beautiful wood and it's in good shape.  Double bed head, foot and side boards, 2 night stands, dresser with mirror and  vanity with mirror and bench. Quality solid furniture, dovetail joints and made locally in Brockville back in the day.  If you're interested or know anyone who would be, give me a holla. Please share this people - thanks in advance!  Pics of bedroom set to come soon and will be posting on Kijiji.  The reason I'm selling it is it's too big for my room I have now and honestly, I need a change.

That's it for now - gotta get my tired tush to bed.


Monday, 7 May 2012

St. Patrick Shenanigans and Easter

G'day!  I'm not going to bother apologizing any more - it is what it is. :-)

Okay - so this post is more about what's been going on than house stuff because my kitchen has come to a grinding halt - yes, in the half-ass state that it is.  I'll start up again after we get back from hangin' with Mickey, Minnie and the princess in FLA.

So, has some good times for St. Patty's Day - we both got in the spirit of it as the pics will attest.

She's rockin shamrock specs with mardi gras beads with a light up shamrock.  That's my girl!  I had a blast wearing the green Betty Page wig - people actually asked me if that was my hair that I dyed.  You betcha - keep drinkin!

Then before we knew it, Easter was here.  We coloured some eggs - the sparkly PAAS kit of course.  My girl likes her bling.

I Martha'd them up nicely in my milk glass dishes - 3 of them with shred on a huge pink platter.  Just now realized I didn't get a picture.  Sigh.

Then, because I was really getting into it - we made cupcakes.

And you wonder why my kitchen is where it's at?

BUT I have a happy peanut and really, that's all that matters.

Easter was spent with my parents - the traditional egg hunt was held at their place again because frankly, my yard is not egg hunt-safe at this point.  She had a blast and of course, wore her Easter finery with her Hello Kitty hat because that's how she rolls.

That's about it in a nutshell.  Started the dating process if you will.  Joined POF - not sure how that will work out.  Hoping it goes well - if not, I'll go onto eHarmony and  It's like a catalogue - more people than I'll meet going out 'cause I don't much.  First experience left me hurting 'cause I followed his lead which seemed very interested in me and going wonderfully until he pulled the rug out from under me.  Not ready to date yadda, yadda.  Should thought of that 2 weeks ago when you asked me out for coffee and progressed to great kissing.  Not so great for my ego, ya know?  Just putting it out there - if you know a nice guy who wants to meet someone like me- I'm open. 

Well, gotta go rinse the red outta my hair.

Peace out y'all.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kitchen Demo Show and Tell

Be still your beating hearts - a update the next day!  Honestly, I'm just so pleased that I had to post.

Day 1 (yesterday) - I carefully removed most of the hardware so I can drop it at Habitat Restore.
Day 2 - a HUGE shout out to my friend Rhonda who not only came over to help me swing a hammer but brought supper too!  Awesome friend award for sure.  She pried with the pry bar and I swung the mallet.  I felt like Thor - it was awesome.  And here are our results

We got all of the upper cabinets off and most are out on my front lawn - I'm officially white trash. :-)
Just need to get the bulkhead off and the back part off.  This sh*t is solid - built in the house and then screwed to the wall - there's 2 1/2" nails every 2" for gawd's sake.

My amazing mom is coming over tomorrow - we'll see how far we get.

Well, it's been a long day between working a full day, working out at lunch and swing a hammer for an hour and a half.  Signing off.  

Peace out.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Happy Sofa and Kitchen Before

Hola mi amigos!  It's been longer than I wanted but that's the way it rolls right now.

Lots has gone on - sad and good.

Sad news first - my uncle Ernie died the end of January - we didn't find out until mid-February.  Heartbreaking and I wasn't able to go to BC to attend his funeral and to support my mom and her siblings who could go.  Quite frankly it sucks and I feel like I haven't had closure yet.  He was a great uncle that he could be living across the country - always called, listened, supported and loved - all you can ask for and I will miss him.

Good news - I got off my ass and joined Curves.  I love it!  It's only been a couple of weeks but I feel so much better already.  I'm watching what I eat but no crazy ass hardcore weight loss plan - it has to be a lifestyle change that I'm comforable with and will keep up.  I think my butt looks better already!

As promised, here is a pic of my Happy Sofa (with happy kitties)with kickass cushion covers ordered on Etsy (my biggest addiction).

Also, as previously promised, here is my ghettotastic kitchen complete with funktastic ceiling.

The plan is to have the long section with the sink ripped out and walls patched for Saturday when handyman Dave will be coming to relocate the sink and dishwasher.  Lots to do in here.

Next, is an example of the floor repairs I need to do (they cut the floor to drop the old furnace and old oil tank into the cellar).

The floors themselves look like hell but will be awesome when refinished.

Lastly, we have the spot where shredded critter was - you can see some dried blood I couldn't get off  nor peel the piece of wallpaper off as well as the spray foam used to plug hole so I don't have to deal with more shredded critters hanging out of my kitchen wall. Bleck.

I've got to get my tired self to bed.  Sweet dreams - I'll post progress in a few days. 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Productive Sunday

Hello my bloggy friends!  I'm so impressed that I'm blogging on a fairly consistent basis - meaning it didn't take me 5 months to do this post after my last one. All good.

Yesterday was pretty productive - took my daughter to church after a 9 month hiatus and built a storage bench that I've had for 2 years!  I know, I know......  Anyhoo, here's a piccy.

I'm going to make a cushion for it with this fabric

 It's left over fabric from my sofa being recovered - I love it!  So cheery and fun!  I'll find a nice runner or rug to add in the foyer later. 

I was going to be super ambitious and build my kitchen cart but my hands were too sore after turning 50 screws for the bench.  Tomorrow night's project!

Thanks to my mom for passing on the pic below of the exterior of my house from the listing photos

I'm happy with the progress from above to pics from last post.

I've chatted about the house an awful lot - mainly because I'm obsessed with nesting and fixing it up to where I want it to be.  A great diversion so I don't have to think about the fact that I don't have my daughter every day - something that would break my heart if I thought about it too much.

But a great part of the move is the people I've met.  I'm ready to share on the blog that I've moved to Spencerville, a lovely historic village south of Ottawa on the South Nation river.  It's quite artsy and the people are very friendly.  I love that I can walk anywhere in town.

I've made a fantastic friend who's become very dear to me, Rhonda. She's single and of my vintage AND lives across the street.  We get along like a house on fire and have fun hanging out.  She's introduced me to her lovely sister, brother in law and baby niece as well as some of their friends. Alicia from Crowder House (check out her blog - hilarious - that's how I met her) has become a friend as well and her significant other has too.  She has introduced me to some other lovely people too. I feel very at home here - I love the sense of community.

I must confess that I feel like I belong here in the village and in this home - more than anywhere else I've lived save where I lived with my mom and step-dad Garth and sister Maureen.  That is saying along if you knew how many places I've lived in and different areas.

I've also never wanted to or nested like I am.  The only other time was when I was pregnant with Aislinn and getting her room ready.

All in all, a good thing. I believe we are where we're supposed to be when we are supposed to be there. 

Before kitchen pics in the next post - apologies - I know I said it would be this post but my kitchen is too messy to take a pic right now. :-)

A tantot mes amis!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Still Alive - Lamest. Blogger. Ever.

Wow - talk about leaving you hanging!  Like I said, lamest blogger ever.  I'll work on that.

Speaking of working on that, round one of major-ass renos are done.  This would include:
  • 22 new windows (and yet not all are done yet)
  • New roofs on the garage and family room addition
  • New roof on front of house
  • New front of house (ground floor porch with supporting cast, enclosed front porch with supporting case and of course, 2nd story enclosed porch with supporting trusses and the like)
  • New propane furnace and ducting to 2nd floor
  • New propane hot water tank
  • New steel I-beam in basement with jack posts = no more sagging floors = awesome
  • New jack posts on 100 year old beam
  • New wiring throughout house (old wiring was original knob and tube = fire hazard)
  • Ducts cleaned
  • Small leaks fixed
  • New garage door with opener beyotches!
  • New person door to garage
  • New Arts and Crafts lights flanking new front door with 2/3 window = awesome (again, I know)
  • New garage light above door = being able to see in the dark = major coolness

I think that's it - not too exciting cosmetically except for the facelift on the front of the house - curb appeal has majorly improved.

Let's see, my Mom (shout out here) has been great with helping me rip out the nasty (we'll just leave it at that m'kay?) carpet from upstairs, the cat-pissy smelling (not courtesy of my boyz btw and thankyouverymuch) and demo'd the wall in the basement.  We've also ripped out the suspended ceiling (won't tell  you what showered down while demoing..), removed skanky trim and most of the first layer of paneling in the basement.  It doesn't smell nearly as much - in fact, barely notice anything - either that or I'm just used to it.

Change of plans - kitchen was going to be one of the last rooms to be done but has moved up the list to being the first.  Why you ask?  Well, let's see - the first incident was finding a shredded mouse hanging out of a hole beside the junk drawer (fess up - we ALL have one in our kitchens) - that was before I'd had my coffee one Sunday morning.  I can't get the blood out of the horrid wallpaper and peeled off what I could.  On the good news side, I'm developing a stomach of steel living out here.

Next, was going to get my oven mitts out of said junk drawer to find chewed holes in them and mouse turds everywhere.  Threw the oven mitts out and haven't opened the drawer since. Now I'd like to mention that this drawer is isolated from the others by my dishwasher.

Now and then I see the cats sitting on the counter and staring down or at the wall beside - freaks me out because I KNOW the little bastards are in there somewhere.....

The cats are great mousers and bless their hearts, they do their jobs.  I keep telling myself that every time I come across (or nearly step on) a corpse.  Again, stomach of steel - just call me Superwoman.

The last straw was taking out my wooden spoon from the utensils drawer at the polar opposite end of the run of counters of the mouse loo and finding a turd on it.  That was it.

I purchased my new kitchen and countertops this past week (this is what gets me excited now people - would somebody please shoot me or introduce me to a great guy?).  The cabinets arrive Thursday.  We'll talk about that later.  I will post before shots and after shots and you can guess where the kitchen came from.  Oh the fun and the mystery!

Now I'm going to attempt to upload some photos - I know you're waiting with bated breath.

These are some of the in-progress photos of the front. The following pictures show you the finished facade and how I did it up for the holidays.

I'm not done the front yet - got to figure out how to add some colour in there.... stay tuned.

Well, done for tonight.  BTW - loading up pics = easy and I should have done this sooner.  Ah well - before kitchen pics coming up in the next post.

Until then, I leave you with this quote from a country song (yes, I like country music)
" God is great, beer is good and people are crazy."