Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Happy Sofa and Kitchen Before

Hola mi amigos!  It's been longer than I wanted but that's the way it rolls right now.

Lots has gone on - sad and good.

Sad news first - my uncle Ernie died the end of January - we didn't find out until mid-February.  Heartbreaking and I wasn't able to go to BC to attend his funeral and to support my mom and her siblings who could go.  Quite frankly it sucks and I feel like I haven't had closure yet.  He was a great uncle that he could be living across the country - always called, listened, supported and loved - all you can ask for and I will miss him.

Good news - I got off my ass and joined Curves.  I love it!  It's only been a couple of weeks but I feel so much better already.  I'm watching what I eat but no crazy ass hardcore weight loss plan - it has to be a lifestyle change that I'm comforable with and will keep up.  I think my butt looks better already!

As promised, here is a pic of my Happy Sofa (with happy kitties)with kickass cushion covers ordered on Etsy (my biggest addiction).

Also, as previously promised, here is my ghettotastic kitchen complete with funktastic ceiling.

The plan is to have the long section with the sink ripped out and walls patched for Saturday when handyman Dave will be coming to relocate the sink and dishwasher.  Lots to do in here.

Next, is an example of the floor repairs I need to do (they cut the floor to drop the old furnace and old oil tank into the cellar).

The floors themselves look like hell but will be awesome when refinished.

Lastly, we have the spot where shredded critter was - you can see some dried blood I couldn't get off  nor peel the piece of wallpaper off as well as the spray foam used to plug hole so I don't have to deal with more shredded critters hanging out of my kitchen wall. Bleck.

I've got to get my tired self to bed.  Sweet dreams - I'll post progress in a few days. 

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  1. Hey Coe,

    I am so sad about your uncle - hang on to those happy memories.
    I'm loving the new couch - it's very bright and cheerful. I'm looking forward to seeing the kitchen renos - have fun playing with your new drill! :o)