Monday, 7 May 2012

St. Patrick Shenanigans and Easter

G'day!  I'm not going to bother apologizing any more - it is what it is. :-)

Okay - so this post is more about what's been going on than house stuff because my kitchen has come to a grinding halt - yes, in the half-ass state that it is.  I'll start up again after we get back from hangin' with Mickey, Minnie and the princess in FLA.

So, has some good times for St. Patty's Day - we both got in the spirit of it as the pics will attest.

She's rockin shamrock specs with mardi gras beads with a light up shamrock.  That's my girl!  I had a blast wearing the green Betty Page wig - people actually asked me if that was my hair that I dyed.  You betcha - keep drinkin!

Then before we knew it, Easter was here.  We coloured some eggs - the sparkly PAAS kit of course.  My girl likes her bling.

I Martha'd them up nicely in my milk glass dishes - 3 of them with shred on a huge pink platter.  Just now realized I didn't get a picture.  Sigh.

Then, because I was really getting into it - we made cupcakes.

And you wonder why my kitchen is where it's at?

BUT I have a happy peanut and really, that's all that matters.

Easter was spent with my parents - the traditional egg hunt was held at their place again because frankly, my yard is not egg hunt-safe at this point.  She had a blast and of course, wore her Easter finery with her Hello Kitty hat because that's how she rolls.

That's about it in a nutshell.  Started the dating process if you will.  Joined POF - not sure how that will work out.  Hoping it goes well - if not, I'll go onto eHarmony and  It's like a catalogue - more people than I'll meet going out 'cause I don't much.  First experience left me hurting 'cause I followed his lead which seemed very interested in me and going wonderfully until he pulled the rug out from under me.  Not ready to date yadda, yadda.  Should thought of that 2 weeks ago when you asked me out for coffee and progressed to great kissing.  Not so great for my ego, ya know?  Just putting it out there - if you know a nice guy who wants to meet someone like me- I'm open. 

Well, gotta go rinse the red outta my hair.

Peace out y'all.

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  1. Sounds like you 2 are keeping very busy. Looking forward to some pics of you guys with the Mouse.