Monday, 19 November 2012

Fall, Halloween and Kitchen Demo Continued

Howda y'all - it's the bi-monthly update *rolls eyes* moving on.......

Fall was gorgeous this year as the below views can attest from the enclosed sunporch off my room (yes, I'm that lucky)

Now, had I been smart and taken it with my camera instead of my BB, you would have seen the phenomal glowing gold of the leaves - instead it's kind of blah but use your imagination. 

It's a good thing I took these photos because a few short days later - I had a nekkid tree in my front yard.  Apparently that the ONLY thing getting nekkid on my premises lately.......

But I digress (again).......

Aislinn decided to be a Vampire Queen - natch.  Why would she simply be a vampire? Go big or go home little girl - thank goodness she's learning young.  Here she is in all her vampy glory.

Her missing top 2 front teeth with her pointy little canines were perfect.  She rocked  it.

And be still your beating hearts my friends, sit down -as the title states - kitchen demo has continued.  I know, I know - it only took my sorry a$$ 8 months to do it but hey, who's counting?

My parents (god love them) came over Saturday to help me demolish the majority of the rest of the kitchen from what Rhonda and I started in March.  Only one base cabinet to go then we can start the rebuild.  Thank gawd - I want this thing done before Christmas. I have the new cabinets in my back room fer @#$%^&  sakes - they have been since February. 

Here's how it looks now

Pretty ghetto but still a vast improvement over the previous incarnation.  A few gory details - my stepdad found a bigass mouse nest in the bottom of my pantry (underneath panty bottom) ew ; I had 2 mouse skeletons came flying down at me from the ceiling tiles I was removing (surprised my lunch didn't follow suit) and last but not least, you haven't lived until you are nearly pinned in the head with a mummified mouse carcass.  Yummy.

I'll close out the update with pics of the boys just cause they're cute.  Peace out.

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