Monday, 3 December 2012

Trip Back To The South Shore and Demo

I KNOW! An update in less than a month never mind two - can you stand it?  Tho - this means I'm setting the bar higher and thus have to live up to these self-imposed standards. *holds head with hands*

So, I'd mentioned on FB a couple of months ago that I took a trip down memory lane by bringing Aislinn to where I grew up in the south shore and up to Mont St. Hilaire for a hike.  Surprisingly, I didn't run home screaming to a therapist.  Or getting absolutely sh!tfaced.  Progress I think.

Aislinn LOVED Mont St. Hiliare and I quote "Mommy - can we come back in the winter, the spring and the summer?"  Not sure if it was the hike or staying in the motel with the purple toilet and tub......

When I was a kid in elementary school, we always had a couple of class trips a year to hike on the mountain up to the lake, look for wild flowers and birds.  It was awesome and I loved it even more bringing my girl there.  It's owned by McGill and worth taking a trip too if  you haven't.  The surrounding area at the base of the mountain is quaint with apple orchards and artisans.  Hope to get to explore more as it was chilly, damp and misty when we went at the end of September.

Didn't deter us from going for the walk through. Excuse the less than stellar quality of the following photos - Blackberrys just don't capture the colours that well.

What hike wouldn't be complete without a picture of a chippy I ask you? 

So we'll see when we'll make it back in the winter.  Stay tuned.

Onto the scintillating subject of my kitchen demo.  I know you're waiting with bated breath - 

My parents (God love them - seriously.  I wouldn't be able to do this sh!t without them - very hard to reno by yourself) came over Saturday afternoon to help with the final phase of the demo.  My stepdad (we'll just refer to him as "Dad" from hereon in cause truthfully - it's the handle he deserves. Respect y'all) really ripped out the sink and base cabinet on his own with very little help from Mom and I.  We removed nails and pitched the stuff out of the kitchen window into the yard behind my garage.

My parents have REALLY gotten into the redneck sport of pitching demo waste out of your kitchen window.  Gotta confess - I love it too.  But I really love it when we haul that eyesore to the dump. 

Ah yes - the dump.  Another country pastime that can't be missed.......*rolls eyes*  I always want to stick a hot poker in my eye and drop a Valium when I think of what I've contributed to land fill.  That and I pray the ex's tire (he has a trailer and was kind enough to bring me and my junk) doesn't get nailed by a nail (see what I did there - clever no?). The load only cost us $ 5 but a new tire would've been stupid.

Photographic evidence of my nekkid kitchen - look at that poor lonely dishwasher - just pitiful.

Notice my sexy shop-vac?  Love it! 

But it wasn't all demo - nope - built the cabinet for the sink.

K - chippy made another appearance.  Cheeky bugger.  Anyhoo, there's some building going on people!  Too bad it wasn't exactly as it needed to be for the farmhouse sink..... Was lying thinking about that at about 4:30 Saturday morning and tackled it Sunday.  No photo yet.

More to come gang - pushing to have most of the kitchen done by Christmas.  Giddy up and peace out till next update.

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