Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lord Tunderin' Jesus

Happy New Year gang!

Wow - didn't realize how much time had lapsed since my last entry.

Well, to sum up the balance of 2013 - had the lumpectomy, didn't have cancer (only good thing that came out of 2013 - huge and I'm thankful) and yadda, yadda.

Wasn't sorry to see 2013 go to be honest.  Sucked.  Big time.

But I'm in a very different place now and 2014 is and will be AWESOME!

I'm actually motivated to work on my house again which is a good thing cause lord knows it needs it!  I am impatient to see my visions for my home (sounds pretentious but really not) come to life.  If only I had the dineros to make it happen sooner...

Okay - so what has been done lately you ask..

I had to start on the closet upstairs so that Aislinn's room can be done at a moment's notice.  Why you ask?  Because as a SECRET birthday gift for my sweet girl - my parents are giving the gift of a room renovation.  Kind of a gift to me too indirectly.  Let me repeat, Aislinn does not know about this.

So, when the contractor lets my mom know he has time, we have to empty her room and demolish the existing closet - hence the urgency to complete the upstairs closet.

It would appear I didn't take a before photo - bad blogger.  It's a walk-in closet at the top of the stairs just outside my room - roughly 5' x 5'with slanted ceiling.  It has nasty carpet and a built in that housed mouse turds and old nasty sheets left behind by previous hoarder owner (it felt like they were anyways *shudder*).  All were removed and are resting at the Cardinal dump.  Yeehaw!

Then it sat...and sat... and sat some more.  But in the last month or so, we did some patching and sanding.  Yesterday I sanded some more, wiped down and cut in the primer.  Today Mom (she really is the best) help me roll the primer on. Ta dah!  And like that we were ready to paint!

You see what I'm working with....  This will be my closet as I don't have a closet in my room.  I picked up the paint for the walls, trim and floor today.  We'll tackle that soon.  The photos don't do the closet justice - you really had to see the funkiness that it was before.

Then I gave in and picked at the loose, flapping piece of wallpaper in my room.  Every effing room in this house - except the office - has at least 3 layers of the shit.  I can't stand it.  Anyhoo, it came off sooo easily - trust me, I take it for the gift it is - the rest of it is going to be a major pain in the wazoo.  I took off a wall - I stopped myself because I didn't have the stomach to continue for now.  Soon, my pretty...

Bask, my friends, bask in the fugliness of 80's country wallpaper. *gag* Jerry looks less than impressed and he's a cat. The top picture shows the vast improvement of the questionable white wallcovering over the blue poo.

I'm on a roll people - keep watching.

Until then, keep calm and drink wine on.

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