Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Kitchen Progress and New Design

Good snowy day!  Not.  

Seriously, is winter ever going to end?!

Last week I took Monday and Tuesday off so I could do a hard push over a long weekend without peanut's company to accomplish a lot on the renos. I needed to do this to feel a sense of accomplishment and honestly, needed the kick in the ass.

Mom (my hero!) and I got 2 coats of trim done in the closet and I did another coat of cutting with the colour.  One more coat on the trim then the rods can go up, shelves and storage unit.  The floors will wait until summer - I'm going to paint them and windows will need to be opened!

The most progress we made though was in the kitchen.  Did my heart and soul good - I tell ya!

We got the ceiling sanded at the joints of the planks, all the walls sanded, primed and first coat of colour on!  Booyah! We also primed the trim.  Behold the awesomeness...

Still trying to figure out how to adjust image layout in posts...

Anyhoo, the white spots weren't due to laziness - cabinets will be going there so no point painting it.

Next steps - 2nd coat of colour, add trim to where ceiling and walls meet, prime and paint ceiling and trim, paint baseboards and trim, install cabinets, temp countertop until quartz comes (yay!)m make Mason jar lights and install.

Sounds like a lot but shouldn't be too bad.  I just keep thinking about how much better I'll feel when it's done and how much SPACE I'll be gaining back.

Until next time.

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