Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Heavens Parted and The Angels Sang...

because the first DIY reno project in the house is DONE!!!!

Yes, you read correctly.  And it's not the kitchen - yet. Making huge strides with it and will be done in a few short weeks!

No, my fine friends, my walk-in closet is finished.  This evening it is still pristine and empty.  I'll be transferring my clothes and purses from Aislinn's closet over the next day or two.

Let me refresh your memory - I don't actually have a closet in my room.  Oh - it looks like I do cause there's a door...

It's being coy - there isn't a full size closet cause it goes UNDER the roof slope.  Awesome. So for the last 2 years and 9 months (who's counting?) I've been sharing my daughter's big ass double closet with her.  You can't say she's not gracious...

I digress.

Look at this - BAM!

The floors will be painted when the windows can be fully opened cause it's gonna stank........

So excited to have this done! 

Have a great and blessed Easter with your loved ones and keep your eyes peeled for the finished kitchen post coming to your puter soon.


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