Monday, 22 September 2014

Summer Update

Howdy y'all!

I have been thinking about this blog.  I don't post as often as I'd like - some have told me I should do it daily but I see very few blogs that update daily.  I'm good with doing it as I can.  I will try to post more frequently.

So, the kitchen was going along boomingly until I threw my back out and lost motivation. Boo.  Good news on that front though - I'm going to do what I do every day and project manage the damn thing till it's done. Yay?

I want to build the equity in my house and perhaps get into investing in real estate. It can be done and I know I'd be good at it.  Just waiting to learn what I need to learn from the 'rents after the seminar they will be going to in October from the illustrious Scott MacGillivray.  Stoked!

Over this past weekend, my dad, Garth, came over with his chainsaw and took down 3 trees for me.  Before you rant at me - I don't like taking trees down but these were not the healthiest and in really bad spots.  The two in the front being gone make a HUGE difference! The front yard looks so much bigger now and there's the added bonus of being able to see oncoming cars while backing out of my driveway.  See below.

The upper photo is before any work was done.  Huge difference!

Moving along....

This summer I took Aislinn out west.  We flew out to Comox and spend 2 fantastic days with Irene, Blaine and the boys.  We toured the area, had a hot dog and marshmellow roast on Goose Spit beach, went to Goats on Roof, Cathedral Grove and UVI Marine Centre. I fell in love with the Island and am determined to move out there in 9 - 10 years.  No mosquitos, no snow, ocean is minutes away and the motorcycle season is a lot longer!  Win, win, win and win!  Got a great vibe out there too! 

We then toodled down island to Mechosin to visit a couple of days with Nat, Greg and their two kids.  First day went to Tyler Beach to find beach glass, next day went whale watching! Awesome!  Saw 5 Orcas about 50 feet from our boat.  Orca Spirits is the whale watching group to go with folks!So wonderful to spend time with them and meet Jasmine in person. 

We ferried over to Van where Paula and Miila picked us up.  Then the fantastic road trip through the Rockies over the next 3 days.  We picked fruit, visited vineyards and a cidery (?), drove through Glacier National Park, etc.  Fantastic!  We spent a week with Paula and loved it too.  Our final 2 days of this memorable trip were spent with Nat, Glen and miss Neko.  Great 2 days and then flew home.  Had such a wonderful time - going back in 2 years! 

I must give kudos to Dale for helping us out with flights and all of my friends for having us over.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart - the trip couldn't have happened without you.

Here are a few photos of our trip.


There you have it - until next time!


  1. Nice changes around the homestead. Keep up the good work. Nice write up of your trip too.

  2. Well, we're all waiting for the next installment.